Madmartigan from Willow

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Madmartigan from Willow, played by Val Kilmer.

When George Lucas couldn't get the rights to The Hobbit, he

penned Willow. This movie is a critcally maligned, but cult

hit directed by Ron Howard.

Val Kilmer credits:

INCLUDED as per either creator policy or permission granted (Ms. Barrows):

Hair-Nouk Male long Hair Hair for you sexy men!

Eyes-MsBarrows Soft Eyes:

Skin-oepu Maxis Match skin:

clothes-The Guild Master's Dark Project:

Outfit-Imagine set-zoeJ Dark Knight recolor
meshes TiggeryPum

Left hoop earring-me-but you might have to go get the mesh, it won't package.

Makeup-mole on right side of jaw-Me


Brows-teru_K [Ephemera]Natural Sharp


Custom Content by Me:
- Sim face mask for the right side mole.
- Val Kilmer Mad Martigan
- paleomaleearleft

Custom Content Included:
- MsB - Soft Eyes - Grey (Md) by Ms. Barrows-MTS2
- maxis match skin - oepu by oepu-MTS2
- Nouk - MaleLongHair - Brown by Nouk
- Nouk Long Hair Mesh by Nouk
- Adult Male Dark Knight recolor by zoej-MTS2
- TiggeryPum AM tunic short alpha boots by TiggeryPum-MTS2

Additional Credits:
Screen shot credits:
JohnBrehaut1's functional sword

UK1967's medieval collection, parts I and II:

The Creator Feedback forum, especially lamammaforever, Vera Marina, SimplicityFlower and anyone else who participated in the Val Kilmer thread.

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