420 Florida Style

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Florida Cracker type of home, no basements hence more levels. Ultimate Party Pad! Pool and hot tub. Fully Furnished! lots of room for a nice sized family as well.

1st Floor: 2 Car Garage, with open floor plan to allow a game room, study, bar area, etc...

2nd Floor: 2 Bedrooms, Bath, Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, Partially Wrapped Porch

3rd Floor : Master Bedroom, Master Bath, Study

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: 147,260

Custom Content Included:
- The "Grand Trianon" Poster Column by The "Dream Team"
- The "Grand Trianon" Double Arch by The "Dream Team"
- The "Grand Trianon" Poster Double Doors by The "Dream Team"
- The "Grand Trianon" Poster Narrow Arch by The "Dream Team"
- The "Grand Trianon" Poster Wide Window by The "Dream Team"
- The "Grand Trianon" Poster Wooden Door by The "Dream Team"
- Simple Spiral Stairs - Left turn by Marvine
- Spiral Stairs - Railing - Right turn by Marvine
- corvidophile2-Lodgepole Pine - size 2 by corvidophile2
- Cordyline australis (1,50 m) by alexa_stanton1983
- corvidophile2-Lodgepole Pine - size 3 by corvidophile2
- corvidophile2-Lodgepole Pine - size 4 by corvidophile2

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