Grosse Point by Gethane, fully furnished

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Uploaded 20th Nov 2007 at 6:11 AM · Updated 29th Dec 2007 at 2:48 AM by gethane : Important bug info

**UPDATE December 28, 2007**

According to a user, my lot was infected somehow with a bug that goes along with removing Dolphin's Sim Controller. I have followed the instructions for removing that and reuploaded the lot. However, if I understand it correctly, anyone already infected with the bug (it adds a Debug-SuperDuperHug menu option on sims) will need to download the newest Dolphin Sims Controller and enter all lots that are infected and save and exit. After all lots are clear, you can safely remove the hack again. Go here to read straight from horse's mouth: **

I'm so so sorry that anyone might have been infected by this from my lot

You must download the Berkeley crib and changing table mesh and Dark Wood recolors from HopeB at Insimenator

I began this house shortly after Pets was released to showcase some of the new building tools such as diagonal rooms and individual roof slope. It's taken me this long to decorate it to my taste . I was shooting for a Frank Lloyd Wright -esque feel with the wood and stone. It does have some custom content, though be assured that for every piece I used I did truly try to find a Maxis alternative, but there's only so far Maxis can go.

Bedrooms: 2 +ground floor nursery
Bathrooms: 3
Other amenities: basement, driveway, massage table, ready for pets (both cat and dog items placed naturally about the house)

I had to add a folder with the Maxis recolors into the .rar because Maxis packaging no longer picks them up. Please move the folder into your Downloads and install the house which has the rest of the CC.

A clone of this house has been playtested throughout the building process. All landscaping should be "gardenable." You can fit a few gardening plots in between the columns of the right side of the house (as you look at it). The trees in back can be replaced by orchard trees should you desire apples, lemons, and oranges. A door can be placed upstairs out to the balconey and using moveObjects on, a hot tub can be placed up there. The house was built to take advantage of the view available where its placed in my neighborhood (Lake Crossing). Feel free to replace the low border with more fence in the back courtyard if you don't have a spectacular view like my Sims do. My goal, as with all my houses, is that it's playable and good looking.

You must download the Berkeley crib and changing table mesh and Dark Wood recolors from HopeB at Insimenator

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price: ~$125,000

Custom Content by Me:
- bedding, Diamonds
- bedding, Floral Love
- curtains, Floral Love
- dresser, Floral Love
- crib bedding, Cancer Crab
- painting, aquaTriptech from Walker House
- painting, Bare Branches with Maple
- plant, Bare Branches with Maple
- rug, Floral Love

Custom Content Included:
- Wood n Iron Fence by Moon_Ez
- Wood n Iron Gate by Moon_Ez
- Leafy Green Shrub by khakidoo
- Poinsettia Gift Pack by MaxoidMonkey

Additional Credits:
Thanks to all the wonderful creators!

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