Sexy Gangster Costume & Accessories

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Uploaded 26th Nov 2007 at 7:15 AM

After a long hiatus, I'm back with an outfit modeled after the costume I wore for Halloween. The costume is made up of four pieces, each of which can be downloaded separately below (each file includes the custom mesh created by me):

-Gangster Costume
-Gangster Hat/Hair
-Diamond Earrings
-Diamond Ring

Terms of Use:
-Please do *not* upload my original files (this includes meshes, recolors, and textures) to any other website, personal or otherwise.
-Please do not reuse or recolor the clothing mesh for the costume.
-Feel free to recolor the earrings, ring, and hat/hair, as long as you link back here for the meshes.
-I'm making one exception for the hat/hair mesh - if you want to make a new mesh with a different hairstyle, that's fine too, as long as you give credit and don't alter the part of the mesh for the hat itself (I would've made it as an accessory, but the way I wanted it to fit wasn't compatible with most of the existing hairstyles anyway.)

Feedback is much appreciated. Enjoy!

(P.S.-to all my fellow RENTheads, Sims 4 Rent is not dead, I promise! New things in the works, this was just a side project.)

Polygon Counts:
Gangster Costume: FaceCount=2042, VertexCount=1475
Gangster Hat/Hair: FaceCount=830, VertexCount=590
Diamond Earrings: FaceCount=76, VertexCount=126
Diamond Ring: FaceCount=148, VertexCount=187

Additional Credits:
Also pictured but NOT included:

-ShadyLady's long nails in red (available under my downloads here at MTS2)
-ShadyLady's short nails in black (available under my downloads here at MTS2)

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