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Uploaded 27th Jan 2008 at 2:08 AM · Updated 28th Jan 2008 at 10:32 PM by flamingo57

I built this house at the request of my nephew Kyle, who asked for a "modern" house. Not my usual forte, but I like how it turned out.
Most of the living quarters are on the 1st floor (3 beds / 2 bath) with only walkways & terraces on the 2nd floor. Please enjoy!

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: 129,236

Custom Content Included:
- CENTREPIECE Counter by simtomatic
- CENTREPIECE Fridge by simtomatic
- CENTREPIECE ISLAND by simtomatic
- CENTREPIECE Island-Counter Link by simtomatic
- CENTREPIECE Tall Counter - Hutch by simtomatic
- CENTREPIECE Wall Cabinet by simtomatic
- On-counter Ceramic Hob by boblishman
- Sleepwave 42 Single Sim by Ailias by Ailias
- Edge Smoother Gray by Ailias
- glass shower screen gate by blake_boy
- glass shower screen by blake_boy
- WroughtWright, Inc. "Iron Age" Fence by pfish
- Seamless WallWindow Door - by Numenor by Numenor
- Seamless WallWindow DoubleDoor - by Numenor by Numenor
- Seamless WallWindow - by Numenor by Numenor
- The Central Artefact by Ergo - by SimtopiX by SimtopiX
- 42'' Panasonic TH-42PX60U by Fresh-Prince
- Classical Rose carpet by BillieLith
- Luminary carpet by BillieLith
- Moss carpet by BillieLith
- lt grey wood floor by La_Exotique
- transparent floor by AvenidaSims
- transparent floor by AvenidaSims
- Opium tile floor by Simlin55 @ Komosims
- Jumbo Shrubby Shrub by HystericalParoxysm
- Large Shrubby Shrub by HystericalParoxysm
- Medium Shrubby Shrub by HystericalParoxysm
- Small Shrubby Shrub by HystericalParoxysm
- Dungeon Keeper's Stones - terrain by Phaenoh
- Non-Slip Stones - terrain by Phaenoh
- DINER Spotlight by simtomatic
- white recolor of diner spotlight by simtomatic
- Echo 3x4 Floor Rug by Nicolafred
- Indigenous RC of Echo Rug by Bundi2 @ SapphireSims2
- Blue Suede Loveseat by MsBarrows
- Simple Bathroom Counter with Doors and Drawers by blake_boy
- Simple Bathroom Counter with Doors by blake_boy
- Serendipity wall by serendipity / seren
- Serendipity wall by serendipity/ seren
- Serendipity wall by serendipity/ seren
- Serendipity wall by serendipity/ seren
- Serendipity wall by serendipity/ seren
- Serendipity wall by serendipity/ seren
- Opium tile wall by Simlin55 @ Komosims

Additional Credits:
You will need the meshes for the Kitchen4 dishwasher & trashcompactor @ 4ESF http://www.4eversimfantasy.net/

Placed on lot after packaging:
The Aboriginal art above the TV...by blake_boy (also a part of the Great Aussie Bathroom)
Fresh-Prince Cadillac Escalade

Special thanks to Bundi - her rug recolor was the inspiration for the color scheme of this house.

Tags: #modern