Mensulae Mensularum (aka corbels)

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Uploaded 2nd Feb 2008 at 6:06 PM

Mensula (in latin “small table”) is the Spanish word for that, and I think this word sounds very universal. But if there is any doubt it can be translated too as corbel, modillion, mensola, konsole, bracket… (thanks, Google!)

I have taken many time trying to get this kind of object to put under balconies and rooves not using a wall hanging or a column, to not need cheating for insert over windows.

Simply using a reverse pediment looked possible, and faster, to get this effect, so I modelled the white balustrade in this corbelled shape and… oh, it’s done!

So happy and satisfied I was that I went on recoloring the same mesh (remember that fences are independent objects, not recolors) in different styles, while I was discovering more applications for it, not only in balconies and rooves but as cornices in top of walls or recovering porticos creating awnings.

Well, now it’s you who can test this and tell for what deco or building purpose is fine.

The rar. File contains these textures:

1. Two corbels in carved grey stone. Good for baroque, renaissance, neoclassical, early 20 century.

2. Two corbels in hard stone, grey and brown, good for rustic and medieval.

3. Two corbels in white plaster, good for Georgian, Victorian and many 19 century styles.

4. One in plain dark wood, good not only for rustic but for contemporary styles and also medieval. (see pic below)
5. One in lime stone, good for any classical period. (see pic below)

I cloned the object from the white balustrade, as I’ve said, and I think it comes with base game, but I have installed all expansions up to Seasons. I hope it works for everybody, but I cannot guarantee.

Important: Don’t use it as a normal pediment, right to left or left to right, but from the wall to outside, to get the corbelling.

Polygon Counts:
The same base mesh the eight. If I'm not mistaked 382 each one.

Additional Credits:
Never bore me repeat eternal thanks to developpers and maintainers of SIMPE, CEP and MTS.

A particular mention to Macarossi, and her roof moulding pediments (it gave me the idea) and the glutters of Frillen, also made cloning fences. How many possibilities to explore! You can find their creations here in MTS.

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