I Wanna Be a Rock Star! Deco Set

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Uploaded 5th Mar 2008 at 4:05 AM · Updated 21st Dec 2009 at 12:26 AM by Quinctia : adding credit for the simlish font!

I've seen Simlish posters, a few magazines here and there, but there's not a whole lot of things Sims can put up to decorate their houses that feature other sims. And I certainly haven't seen any rock idols or musicians for our teen sim girls to scream over!

That's all about to change. This set feature 7 musical artists (5 solo musicians, 2 groups) and enough memorabilia to decorate a room for a TRUE FAN of any one of them--or enough variety to make the room of a sane person who happens to be into music.

First, a short description of our artists, so you can recognize their CDs and posters, and delete their stuff if you decide you don't like them:

- Bernie Locks - Gained fame as a teenager for her skills on the piano, and has been making waves with her adult contemporary come back in RnB. Is known for her long, beautiful locs.

- Beverly Ryan - Independent label singer/songwriter who started the "Eve Festival" featuring female artists. Known for her exotic looks and ever-changing wardrobe, as well as her skills on the acoustic guitar.

- Do You Love (to) Rock? - The latest boy-band craze, but they actually play their instruments! Girls have been going crazy over red-head lead singer Jasper, suave guitarist Liam, eyeliner afficianado AND bassist Zeke, and their wild and crazy drummer who's only known as "Manimal."

- Deathmask - This goth-metal band reached their heyday a few years ago, and their most recent album was highly anticipated. However, "Unmasked" proved to be a flop, maybe because of the change in music--or maybe because the band wiped off their make-up. True fans still praised the album and appreciate the members Krispy Kritter, Raieyana Lee, Slim Snake, and Parrot Slime, make-up or no!

- Elliot Locke - With intellectual lyrics and soulful melodies, Elliot has made himself a bit of a name with his love ballads. This has also made him a bit of a sex symbol in spite of (or perhaps partially because of) his glasses and facial scars. If you're trying to get in good with a lady, an Elliot Locke song can be a great help!

- J-Viv - Suave, shaved, smooth, sexy -- J-Viv. There's not much else to say. He has a habit of performing and making appearances shirtless, and no one's complaining.

- Kylie Winn - This pop princess's musical styles change almost as often as her hair color. Most people figure it's because she gets different ghost artists for every album, but she's taken to appearing with a guitar lately--and wailing on it. Perhaps there's more substance here than meets the eye?

There is tons of stuff here...

- 9 CD Sets (the mesh has 3 CDs, so I've got a set for each artist, and a couple multi-sets)
- 7 Magazines - One for each artist
- 15 Album Cover posters (every album in the CD sets has a poster)
- 20 Posters (each solo artist has 2 posters, the bands have one poster of the group, and one of each member)
- 7 Magazine Print Posters - Giant blow up of the textures used for the magazines
- 3 Bulletin Board Recolors - Little snapshots that weren't used elsewhere, little other bits of deco

...just over 60 items total!

Important info:
ALL posters are on base game meshes, and therefore should require no expansion packs.

Both the CD and Magazine sets include the custom meshes that are required for them to appear in your game. Share-friendly creators ROCK!

The Bulletin Board recolors are recolors of a mesh that came with the University Expansion pack. I've helpfully added the word UNI to the front of the zip file. Don't download it if you don't have uni, or else you will be sad when it does not work.

These were ridiculously fun to make, and I hope you enjoy having them in your game--I know I'm going to have fun using them myself!

Additional Credits:
Sandy@ATS2 - For making wonderful meshes that creators can include in their uploads.
CT_Nutmegger - For making an awesome magazine mesh that is file-share friendly and always required to be free! :D

Everyone involved with any aspect of making SimPE, because otherwise the poster recolors would not be as easy as a couple of clicks.

Decorgal21572 for the custom modeling poses hack, otherwise shots of shirtless J-Viv and Manimal would probably not have been quite so sexy.

I knew there was something else to credit in the credits! XD The Simlish font can be found right here on MTS2. It's by SIMale.

Room: Bedroom

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