Pandora Eyes

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Uploaded 8th Mar 2008 at 6:23 PM

How do you do,guys?

It been a very long time since the Jean Harlow sim was uploaded I'm back. And here is my new creation!

This "Pandora" Eyes collection has 4 colors:Gray,Lime,Green and Blue. It's a bit photolistic since I use the photoskin-method but it's look quite alright so I decided to share them.

The picture is a bit crappy because I have to resized them to fit the limit ,please take a look at another 4 close up picture for better detail.

That's all for now,See you soon!

PS:Feel free to upload, edit,made as default ,and use in srceenshot.

Additional Credits:
Model "Gray Watts" Credit:
Lips>>SussisSoGoodSims--Male Lips
Hair>>Nouk's --Don Tribute

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