Jacket, Skirt, and Heels **New Mesh** plus 6 recolors

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Uploaded 15th Mar 2008 at 8:05 AM · Updated 18th Jan 2013 at 6:30 PM by ~Jessica~ : pic link needed updating

I took the h&m denim jacket/untuckedtop and added it to a maxis base-game skirt, and kept the heels that came with the h&m outfit (I did make the heels a little higher though). So basically this gets rid of the pants and gives it a skirt.

Note: this is a WHOLE, everyday outfit

The mesh has a fat morph, but no pregnancy morph. The fat morph I tried to make as realistic as possible to be "pleasantly plump" since I hate the maxis fat morph. The mesh has the appropriate shoe sounds too.

I included a picture from milkshape for those of you wondering what it looks like under all that denim lol

In the recolors picture, some of them are modeling the fat morph version, some are modeling the normal fit version.

Vertex Count: 1641
Face Count: 2146

The 6 recolors are clearly labelled inside the rar so you can delete whichever colors you don't like
Recolors are:

You can use the mesh if you want...include it with your stuff as long as you credit-link me i don't care what you do with it.


Polygon Counts:
Face Count: 2146 Vertex Count: 1641

Additional Credits:
Tyler: as always, thanks for everything :D
Ghanima: thank you for your self-sim, she turned out to be a good model!
Kat (Dour), Adele, Kiki (Lasciel), and Ashley (migamoo): thank you for helping me with all my dumb photoshopping/meshing questions, and for your feedback every step of the way
Nouk: my partner in crime, thanks for everything
Adele: amazing mirror used in previews (such an awesome gift) :D
Raon: free hair used in previews
Thank you to HP, Tig, #social/#create, Miguel, keirra, nii, and countless others who gave me feedback when I was working on this set
HP and Tig: special thanks for the bodymeshing tutorials that helped me learn how to mesh!
and finally, thank you to any of you that download/comment/thank this set and any of my other ones

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