''Under the shelter of nature 2''

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Uploaded 13th Apr 2008 at 1:14 AM · Updated 15th Apr 2008 at 5:12 PM by mazyte1975

Hi to all,

This is one store cozy house for a Sims family.I hope You will like it


Furnished -Yes
Custom Content -Yes

1 garage,kitchen,dining room,living room,1 bathroom,1 double bedroom with the nursery room,1 bedroom for twins,small pond on the backyard.

Included two versions-furnished and unfurnished.
In the unfurnished version all walls/floors,windows/doors and plants are included.


Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: 97,982

Furnished version has included:

Custom Content by Me:
- tapetai 
- tapetai 
- tapetai 
- picture D1(Maxis recolour)
- tapetai 
- tapetai 
- tapetai 
- Picture ''By the sea'' (Maxis recolour)
- Picture ''Apple''(Maxis recolour)

Custom Content Included:

- by DWelliford  by dwelliford
- Cara Dining Set TableSettings by Nikadema
- ENLIGHTENMENT Cooker by simtomatic
- -Maylin-ManhattanTableLamp-211207 by -Maylin-
- God Says Im a Butterfly Carpet  by joninmobile
- Ground Cover Lower by khakidoo
- Smaller Cypress Shrub by khakidoo
- The Mumbo Jumbo Grass by buggybooz
- Disocactus by macarossi
- Sand Pebbles by macarossi
- Residential roof4 brown3 by mzcynnamon
- Wil_ at MTS2  by Wil_
- Striped Elegance  by joninmobile
- Cinderella wallpaper by ayyuff  by ayyuff
- Created by: Animul Cracker  by Animul Cracker
- Grass by Lila4444P
- UpRite Column, 31% Taller by Sophie-David
- ayyuff's grass01 by ayyuff
- rdrglx_invisibledriveway by roddyaleixo
- My House - Bath - Wallight01 by Solander
- Curtain "Funny's Wish" by Chrissie
- Apple Living Coffeetable by Funny
- Life Office Magazines by Funny
- Modena Living Ceilinglight by Funny
- Fusion Entrance Door (wood) by Tolli
- Fusion Entrance Door (glass) by Tolli
- Fusion Garage Door (wood) by Tolli
- Fusion Window (Full height) by Tolli
- Fusion Window (2/3 height, top) by Tolli
- Fusion Window narrow (full height) by Tolli
- th2dw03-wht-window01 by Tolli
- ATS Modern Line - Living - Bookcase 001 - UNI by By Sandy
- ATS Modern Line - Living - Bookcase 002 - UNI by By Sandy
- ATS Modern Line - Living - Bookcase 003 - UNI by By Sandy
- ATS Modern Line - Living - Bookcase 004 - UNI by By Sandy
- ATS Modern Line - Living - Television 001 by By Sandy
- HolySimoly_ArizChairGreen by Holy Simoly
- HolySimoly_ArizLovestGreen by Holy Simoly
- HolySimoly_ArizLovestMesh by Holy simoly
- HolySimoly_ArizonaChairMesh by Holy simoly
- HolySimoly_ArizonaSofaGreen by Holy simoly
- HolySimoly_ArizonaSofaMesh by Holy Simoly
- The 'Tranquility' Dining Chair by Holy Simoly
- The 'Sorrento' Dining Table by Holy Simoly by Holy Simoly
- HolySimoly_OrionCeilingLamp by Holy Simoly
- HolySimoly_OrionCLmp_StripesGrn by Holy Simoly
- HolySimoly_OrionTableLamp. by Holy Simoly
- HolySimoly_OrionTableLamp_stripesGreen by Holy Simoly
- HolySimoly_OrionTableLampBaseCeramicW by Holy Simoly
- LiteWood Boards by Holy Simoly  by Holy Simoly
- corvidophile2-Climbing Plant-part 1-MASTER mesh by corvidophile2
- corvidophile2-Climbing Plant-part 5 by corvidophile2
- corvidophile2-Lodgepole Pine - size 2 by corvidophile2
- corvidophile2-Lodgepole Pine - size 4 by corvidophile2
- corvidophile2-Midi Pine by corvidophile2
- Simply Styling Round Rug(3x3) by Tiramisu
- jope.livingroom1.bamboo2_mesh by Jope
- jope.livingroom1.bamboo2_rec1 by Jope
- Jope_living2_decobasket1_mesh by Jope
- Suza_Mesh_Strawberry_Bowl by Suza
- Suza_Tira_LR_rugrec3x3(recolour) by Suza
- Suza_Mesh_Loft_Living_Column2story by Suza
- Suza_Rec01_Loft_Living_Column2story by Suza

Additional Credits:
Thanks to all creators for the wonderfull stuff.

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