Blue Tartan Bedroom and Bath

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Uploaded 15th May 2008 at 6:36 AM

This is one of the first sets I made, and I've had this in my game for quite awhile now (around when Nightlife came out). I originally made it for a castle I was building, but have found that it works well in any traditional style home. The tartan isn't any specific one, but I sort of modeled it after the Black Watch tartan. The coat of arms on the toilet is the Scottish Royal Coat of Arms.



Wall/Floor Detail:

Tapestry Detail (since it's camouflaged in the bigger pic):

Build Mode
Blue Tartan Wallpaper
Majestic Maple Floor (Horizontal & Vertical Versions)

Furniture Recolors:
Majestically Medieval Double Bed
Bedspread (for all beds)
Luxiary King Armchair
Oaktowne Dining Chair
Sung-Gyu Sunburst Rug
The Fourth Element Wall Hanging
Colonial ComboCleen Wood Edging
Colonial ComboCleen Shower Curtain
Refreshing Commode*

*The toilet I made separately but thought it looked nice with the set, so I included it. The wood may be slightly darker.

Additional Credits:
The drapes are IgnorantBliss's Bedding Matching Cornerstone Drapes, and are found HERE

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