At Last! Medieval Separates for your Unladylike Lass

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Uploaded 16th May 2008 at 3:17 AM · Updated 17th May 2008 at 12:32 AM by Equation

There are a ton of wonderful and beautiful dresses to choose from when shopping to outfit your medieval vixen. Problem is, there wasn't too much out there for our tom girls. I intend to hopefully change that.

I present to you a collection of basic trousers and tunics in 17 colors that you can mix and match at your will. The trousers use Tiggerypum's wonderful boots/pants mesh, and the tunic's use Hysterical Paroxism's ingenuous alpha editable dress top mesh. Meshes must be downloaded separately and are linked below.

16 Tunics + 16 matching trousers with brown boots + 1 pair of black trousers with black boots (as shown). I will upload a larger collection of black booted pants in the next installment. For now, I only give the essential black on black.

The trousers are not technically trousers, as you can see from the attachment. They have pockets and details carried over from the maxis texture, and the reason for that is twofold: a) I can't skin from scratch, and b) in case anyone desires to use the pants in a modern world. In the case of the latter reason, I tried spiffing them up with a simple pocket design. It's a minor effort with a minor effect but it makes them a little more appealing, at least.

As usual, no zips, but you can find an online rar extractor through google, or there is currently one here.

Additional Credits:
Hysterical Paroxism & Tiggerypum, who are both awesome.
All the downloaders who thank and leave comments.
The creators of Simpe, and all the creators who take the time to write tutorials.

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