Aspen Creations presents : "SimpleDesign" Diningroom

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Uploaded 27th Jun 2008 at 10:15 PM · Updated 3rd Jul 2008 at 11:51 PM by Aspen Creations

New Mesh

This is the new "SimpleDesign" Dining Set

The simple and functional design of this Dining set will even wonder your sims. It can also be used as an office and fit in nearly every house (well, maybe not county style ;-) ). A modern sim wouldn´t live withot this furnitures and the sims who don´t got it, will drive throgh the game and search for it, even if your computer is off - they´ll try to start it, go into the internet and get it theirselfs... ;-)
But it can be dangerous for them if they can´t find a way back...

If you want to help them, you can find the items under:
Chair : Buy Mode - Comfort - Chairs
Table : Buy Mode - Surface - Table

It´s the first mesh i ever created and i´m very proud to share it with you...
I like to decorate houses, that´s why i started to play Sims 2, but the furnitures were not my style, so i downloaded many beautiful sets you created and enjoyed them so much...

Now i decided to start meshing and create own furnitures for Sims 2. I hope you and your sims will enjoy this set too...

Milkshape 3D
UV Mapper

and now it´s time to thank some people:

All creators and developers of SimPE. Without you, it wouldn´t be possible.

MTS2, staff, and members for a great site, many wonderful objects you share with us, experience in creating and so much more...

HystericalParoxysm for answering my questions, supporting me and helping to fix some changes

deann000 and Rapsheba555 for helping me to fix some changes and giving me feedback

Polygon Counts:

Chair: 226 Polys

Table: 48 Polys

Tags: #dining, #simple, #modern, #table, #chair