Green Gothic Set by My Immortal [love 4u]

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Uploaded 30th Jun 2008 at 8:48 AM · Updated 12th Jul 2008 at 10:37 AM by My Immortal

Since I have Teen Style Stuff I think: Why didn't they create a Green recolor of the Gothic Set? Green is sooo gothic if used well... So I did some recolors.
Here Some images:

Thanks to Sims2Cri and to Mastermax for helping me with the rug recolor!

All recolors can be seen in the images, inclose the wall, and all objects need Teen Style Stuff.
The rar file contains recolors of:
-Gothic chair
-Gothic bed
-Gothic wall lamp
-Gothic lamp
-Gothic chandelier
-Gothic wardrobe
-Gothic rug
-Gothic desk
-Gothic candle
-Gothic mirror
-Gothic bookcase
-Gothic bedside table
-And a new wallpaper by me

To match my recolor set I suggest you thise wall and roof set by MaijinSaix: Goth Marble Recolors -->

Please remember the thanks button if you like these!

I hope you all enjoy it,

My Immortal [love 4u]

Additional Credits: SimPE

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