~*Eclipse [StarDust Nymph] Hair*~ All Ages, All Genders, Animated, Binned, 10 Colours

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Banner is a photomanip, Not In-Game. (Needs MOAR Lenz Flare! :DDD)


This is a puffy, high ponytail I made based on one of my original characters.
You can find him HERE.
The jemstones on the hair piece are refective.

This hair has the following properties:

-All Ages
-Both Genders
-Fully Animated
-Colour Binned
-Genetically Correct
-Family Linked


Available Colours

Primary Shades

Secondary Shades


Colour Binning

The secondary (odd shades) are colour binned as followed:

Silver will show as blond
Fallow will show as Brown
Pink will show as a red
Raven will show as Black.

The only shades that appear in the custom bin will be Diamond Dust and Amethyst.


Download Instructions (Please Read):
You must download Eclipse-MFHairStarDustNymph_MESH.rar to get the meshfile.
It is not added to the recolour rars.

The family links are not the same for both recolour sets. This is because the game will only allow one family per colour bin or it gets confused.
The Primary shades are family linked together.
The Secondary shades are family linked together.
Primary and Secondary are separate families.

In this set, to make smaller files, only ONE colour in each family has a grey besides the custom shades. DO NOT delete the following colours or the elder hair will not be available for that family.

*If you download Primary shades, do not delete the BLOND hair for either gender!

*If you download the Secondary shades, do not delete the SILVER hair for either gender.

*If you download both, then you must keep both the blond and silver hair!

Deleting the blond or silver hair will remove the grey hair from that family!
If you wish to make recolours, recolour a custom shade (either Amethyst or Diamond Dust), OR use the blond or silver.


High PolyCount

Polygons = 11070 (Be CAREFUL with this!)


A Special Thank You to:
Phaenoh for her lovely genetics info located in her great tutorial HERE.
HystericalParoxysm for her easy to follow Tutorial on adding new parts to mesh files HERE

Polygon Counts:
Polygons = 11070

Additional Credits:
Creators who get Special Hugs for some of the content on my Models!


Hair Style: Shiny/Realistic Natural Colours Punk/Streaks/Crazy Colours Anime
Bin Type: Binned
Age: Toddler Child Teen Young Adult Adult Elder

Tags: #nymph, #star, #stardust, #hair, #fantasy, #ponytail, #shiny