KATAMARI VILLAGE SHOPS - #3 Electronics Store & Public Toilet (a Japanese business)

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This is #3 from my set of shops to accompany my set of homes inspired by the little thumbnail pictures of the buildings collected in "We Love Katamari," the second Katamari Damacy game. In that collection each shop had a blurb about it, which I've added below.

This lot works best for owning, but may also be used for visiting. For owning, the phones can't be put up for sale, but everything else can. While working, most needs may be met with the vending machines, public toilet, and medicine cabinets, which are strange for public toilets, but help with hygiene so much that I thought them useful. For visiting, the items won't be on sale, but the atmosphere works, as people turn on the televisions and talk about how great the picture quality is. And if you haven't checked out the break dancing, there's that to do. Also the billboard is just something I added for fun.

3-Electronics Store

A cozy place full of TVs and refrigerators. It seems like a great place to live, but you'd get kicked out if you tried it.

Public Toilet

Men are asked to take one step forward.

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Type: Community
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Lot Size: 1x3
Lot Price: 83,129

Custom Content Included:
- kitty alarm clock by soloyo
- Independent Expressions Inc. - Standard Window Double by MaryLou
- Neon Hoops by Samekh
- Neon Hoops recolor by Samekh
- Neon Hoops recolor by Samekh
- Television retro by SimPeople and Me
- Cardboard boxes by Skya
- Double Pane Window by rebecah
- Bench by taroo

Additional Credits:
(Custom Content Included Separately)
- Set 15 door 3-2 by SimPeople and Me
- Poster recolor by xo chriis
- Emo painting by flamebabe9

Thanks to SimPeople and Me, a site that is now gone, but have allowed item sharing.
Thanks to all the great creators who share what they make.

Number of bedrooms: Not Applicable
Custom Content Included: Build and Buy Mode Content
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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