Cargoroad 1a an Ecostarter for your sims

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Hi! This is a ecofriendly starterhome. Inpsired by picture I found with google. Infact I got so inspired I want to make whole neighborhood. This is ment to be one of at least three starterhomes. Other homes would be more fancy.

What I mean when I say Eco?

This home is made 100% from recycled containers and locall materials. Water is been cleaned and reused by plants. (Look at the bonds in the backyard).
This home can also be converted into a poor sims residence if you so wish.


-bedrooms: 1 (enough space for a 2. one)
-bathroom: 1 (enough space for a 2. one)
-livingroom:1 (can also be a studio)
-kitchen: 1 (my favourite room because of the sunlight and beautifull wiew).

More info:

-You can make a parkingplace for one car in the frontyard. Just remember to give your sims a hybrid or solarpowered car. Othervice it´s not really ecofriendy scenario enymore.

-Backyard has enough space for small swimmingpool.

-EP´s needed: OFB (because of the windows and stairs).
-SP´s needed: None.
-CC needed: Only the blue aluminium wall and floor made by me. Both are included. You can also find them separately from my uplodes.

Let me know if you need a basegame only version!

Lot Size: 1x4
Lot Price: 19900

Custom Content by Me:
- Made by Aucariamodthesims2.com2008 
- Made by Aucariamodthesims2.com2008 

Additional Credits:
BaseGameStarter, Google and everyone who gave me feedback here at modthesims2.

...and speciall thanks to MaryLou for all her minilots. This home is build using one of them.

Number of bedrooms: 1 Bedroom
Custom Content Included: Build content only
Furnishings: Starter Furnishings
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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