Palacial Spaces : The King's Chamber

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Uploaded 14th Jan 2009 at 12:37 AM

I wanted to create something a little different than what you normally see from me. I hope you enjoy these.

Antique Chairs and baroque fireplace are recolors of 4eversimfantsy items found here:

Tables are recolors of the regal table set by Adele at MTS2:

3x4 rug mesh is by echo:

The Italian windows and door, and gorgeous 2 story mirror are by Simnuts and found at:
The antique desk by simnuts is on MTS2:

I have included a file of items (coffee table, vase, globe and tall potted plant) from Helga Sims. When I went to get the link, I discovered that her website is now, unfortunately, included in the Sims Graveyard!

Maxis Recolors include: 4 poster medieval bed, victorian sofa, 12th century song dynasty vase, chesterstick dresser & "hold me closer" by the tiny dresser co., and the maxis chess table. The tall paintings are recolors of "The Muse". The large tapestry and Versailles painting, "Primattico" are recolors of "2 dogs and an olive". The Baroque mirror is a recolor of the "club distress wall mirror". The Italian landscape is a recolor of poisonous forest, the Baroque flowers are a recolor of "grilled cheese", the large painting of Madame Pompadour is a recolor of "Sims Noir" painting.

Other decoratives are by Sweetswami77 from the Homey Touches collection:

Candles are by Buggybooze from the candid by candlelight collection:

Additional Credits: SimPE and the MTS2 community

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