Cyberdyne T-800 Residential Chip

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Cyerdyne T-800
Congratulations on your purchase, you are now the proud owner of a brand new Cyberdyne Systems T-800 processor chip.. or at least a house that looks like one!

And here's a comparison shot of the chip taken out of Arnold's head and reset to "good" in the second movie.

4 Bedroom (3 regular + 1 nursery room)
1 Bathroom
Dining room

Lot Size: 30x40
Lot Price: $116,328 (F) / $79,352 (UNF)

Side Notes
This is basically a theme lot, I guess it might be good for a sci-fi neighbourhood or could be used simply as neighbourhood decoration if you prefer. As you can see from the comparison picture I didn't make the house quite as long as the original chip, mostly that's for practicality purposes since this is still a functional house.. there's only so much stuff you can cram into 5 by 5 square rooms before it starts getting silly , so I went with 12 squares / rooms instead of the 15 in the original.

It took a bit of working to figure out how to set up the rooms, basically there's a central corridor that ends at the bathroom. At the front end you have 2 bedrooms either side of center and a livingroom oneside of the bathroom and kitchen / dining the other. I wasn't really sure what to do with the landscaping since it's a giant microchip, somehow a bunch of trees or bushes and rocks didn't seem to really fit with the whole concept so I left it plain.

NOTE: The lot size (according to the game) is 30x40 but it looks like a 40x30 to me, it certainly shows as being wide and short rather than being thin and long.. no idea if that will matter to anyone or cause problems, just wanted to mention it incase .

Have done some basic testing, everything seems in order (all objects seem to be accessable so far as I could see). There are a lot of double archways and a few doors placed using the "MoveObjects" cheat, they DO all work in both directions. If anyone finds any issues please let me know and I'll try to correct them as promptly as possible.

Lot Size: 3x4
Lot Price: $116,328

Number of bedrooms: 4 Bedrooms
Custom Content Included: None
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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