Colby Star

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Uploaded 15th Aug 2009 at 1:38 PM · Updated 16th Aug 2009 at 1:36 AM by Sisaly

Here is Colby Star!

I'm going to forgo the usual cutesy bio. You are here because this sim appeals to you. My ramblings about what this sim does or is will basically have no baring on whether you download her or not. You have free rein over what you want in your game so why post her 'stats'. You do what you want. Enjoy her.

Custom Content:
Skintone and face by Seraphita
Eyes by Cutthroat Dollie
Hair by XM Sims
Outfit by Liana #44
Lingerie by Mel Celaro
Shoes by assdude12

Slider Hack

If you want to change her features you need to have a slider hack or the features will reset. Any will do. Choose the right flavor for you.
Awesomemod. Must have 1.4 patch installed.
Indie Stone Mod. It is only for the 1.2 patch.
Delphy and Rick's Slider Hack. It is only for the 1.2 patch.

Additional Credits:
Delphy for losing his hair for us simmers.
Wes for giving us a way to have CC hair.
HystericalParoxysm and all that contribute to the Wiki and MTS.

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