Henna for the Ladies

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As always, here's the background story:

One of my most favorite art teachers was a little Hindu lady named Geeta. Besides having long pretty hair and being bedecked in jewels, the most striking part of her apparel were these elaborate Henna designs she had, especially on her hands. :D

That being said, I present to you my Henna design collection

There are fours sets, the first one being made of three hand tattoos. The hand tattoos are full designs on the back of your sims hand; both the left and right have different yet matching (if that makes sense?) designs.

The second design is for the palms. The palm piece is separate from the hand tattoo.

The third set is a navel design.

And lastly the fourth set is called Curly. Curly is really more so a "Henna Inspired" tattoo. There are two versions, one that goes along the sides and one that is fitted on the lower back (tramp stamp).

These are available for females teens and up, and they can be found under every outfit The tats are not set for townie use, so that way you won't have random sims flailing around with Henna tats

The tattoos can be layered with each other, so you could wear the full set all at once if you so chose to. They can also be recolored to whatever color you wish, so your sim isn't stuck with one Henna brown color.

The only *flaw* is that--like most tattoos--they do come off when your sim gets naked. As far as I know, there hasn't been a work around for this...yet...

Obviously these are not my artwork (Google is your friend) but I still ask that you not reupload these tattoos as your own. However, if you need to adjust something or change a accessory slot categorization then go right ahead

You may include these with lots/sims just remember that the Exchange/Pay Sites are bigggg no-no's.

Just fyi, there is a part 2 in the works

Additional Credits:
CAS Texture + Unitool

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