Taylor Swift

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Uploaded 14th Oct 2009 at 9:26 PM · Updated 3rd Jan 2010 at 4:42 AM by Wicked_poppies

The first thing I ever tried to upload was a Taylor Swift sim, and I thought she was perfect. She got rejected. I then decided to never try to upload anything here ever again, and obviously didn’t happen. So after I was slightly less frustrated with my rejection, I worked on a few other projects for a while that where a tad more successful in being uploaded. Still, in the back of my mind I knew I still wanted to share my Taylor Swift sim, and finally last week that dream came true. It took over 7 days for her to get approved, and 5 seconds after that for me to realize I wish she never had. Her hair was wooly and frizzy looking, and her skin sucks majorly, and don’t even get me started on her face sculpt, make-up, and her crazy looking nose. It seems you can only see the flaws in your work when it’s just a little too late. So, I went to work again, and I’m extremely happy with the new results. I’m not saying she’s the end-all-be-all of Taylor sims, but I feel a lot better putting my name on her than I do the other one. I’m sure Vera, or Stefan, or another amazing creator will pop up with a Taylor that puts mine to complete shame….All I have to say to them is “Take your time!” Hehehehehe……..

Every time I see Taylor Swift, I literally think of an angel. There just seems to be something pure and genuine about her. Not to mention she is an amazing artist, writing and singing her own songs and breaking barriers in the music industry at the same time…. AND, she isn’t even 20 yet! I love her music, I love her style, and I just think she is a very talented musician, who, by the way, is the same age as me…. :-)

Ok, so the only mesh you need for Taylor to look as she dose in the pics is the hair mesh, which is from here. She comes with the blue dress from the pics, which uses a basegame mesh, so no downloading needed there. The skin tone on the body is HP’sIdolatry” skin. However, I gave it a quick boob job using Stefan’s skin he uses on his own celebs. So the skin is thanks to HP, and the boobs are thanks to Stefan…. Hehehehe…… Oh, and the face is by me, and I’m rather proud of my photoskining on this one, even if I did still use a ton of face masks. Enjoy!

Custom Content by Me:
- Taylor Swift Sim
- Eyelashes
- Taylor Swift Skintone
- TS Hair Re-color
- TS Dress Re-color

Custom Content Included:
- Dark Steel Grey Eyes by Bruno
- Lipgloss by Bruno
- Brows by Helaene
- Shady simply-shadow by Shady
- GE-FaceShine by Ephemera
- F-IN nose glow by Navetsea
- F-IN cheek glow by Navetsea
- Nose Bulb by Rensim
- Blush by SeluXereZ

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