Sheila Shady - Tattoo Enthusiast & Mentor (Whether you ask for her help or not)

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Hello everyone!

This is Sheila Shady, local tattoo enthusiast and hot-head. She's the kind of friend who will show up at your house randomly, crack jokes, raid your fridge and then start rocking out on your guitar while giving you relationship advice that you didn't ask for. While she doesn't know the appropriate time to exhibit it, Sheila genuinely cares for her comrades and has a protective/soft side that says "if someone hurts my friend, I'm going to break their face". She also frequently displays a motherly, mentor-like quality.
In my game, she is married to a loner named Klaus, and they're working their way up to having enough money to get a nice house that they can start their family in. Sheila loves posters, so make sure to hang a lot of those around her home.

Okay, she's got a doozy of a custom content list, so brace yourselves!
Chest Tattoo by Robokitty
Neon Snakes Tattoo (Full Body) from
Hair by Peggy (Hair, Female, page 4)
Mascara by Rose (Sims3, Makeup, page 2. It's the first makeup on the page, the eyeliner.)
Corset Top and Heels by M.Calero @ Digitalperversion
Eyeshadow by Babinha
Freckles by Papercat
MEH shirt by arfmoo (This shirt is used in her athletic outfit.)

Also, if you want Sheila to look EXACTLY as she does in my game, you'll need:
Eye and Skintone Replacements by Aikea Guinea.

I also have the AwesomeMod installed, so that means Sheila was made using facial slider hacks. You should be able to use her without them but if you try to tweak her face at all it might snap back.

Traits: Artistic, Good Sense of Humor, Handy, Hot Headed, and Innapropriate.
Lifetime Goal: "Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers".

I hope you enjoy causing a ruckus in your neighborhood with Sheila as much as I do!

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