The Palace of Versailles - Abridged Edition

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I really wanted to write an essay into this post about the history of Versailles but those who really care know how to google/use wikipedia and I can't be bothered to after all this. The philistines may marvel at my labour of LOEV (turned to HAET and much RAEG) while the pickers of nits will likely BAWW at my not using LotAdjuster to add the other wings including the Chapel Royal & Opera Theatre - don't think I didn't try... *sigh* the chateau itself was frustrating enough to recreate in the game but I've done my best to make this lot's interiors PLAYABLE while making the exteriors semi-accurate.

[it is simply impossible to faithfully recreate the chateau detail for detail in the game with
or without LotAdjuster!]

The lot is commercial and is easily converted with the lot zoning cheats. It comes unfurnished as very little NON-CC actually fits in with the decor so if you want the interiors to be accurate you'll have to furnish it yourself. I suggest starting with simnuts fontainebleu set.

Custom Content REQUIRED (not included in package but present in zip file):

Klein_Svenni @ MTS:

* Column recolours:

TheJim07 @ MTS: It was this guy's creations (and simnuts) that made an attempt at Versailles authentic

* vaulted ceilings:
* two storey windows:
* Versailles mirrors:

Simnutscreations: Possibly the best Rococo creator for the Sims on the intertubes

* Italian Baroque Build Set I:
* Classical Curves Windows Set I:

Window by Marinasims: Classic Large Window with window top, corbels and small balcony


Window by dgandy:


Tatiana Dokuchic's Versailles walls


Jerrica's Reinforced Brick Walls


Oh yeah ALL EPs and Glamour and M&G stuff packs required!!


ATTN creators: if I've offended you, email me (haifen @ gmail . d . o. t . co m) and lemme know if you want me to take this down/give proper credit where forgotten. Thank you!

Lot Size: 6x5
Lot Price: 769.159

Number of bedrooms: Not Applicable
Custom Content Included: Build content only
Furnishings: Unfurnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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