Eye bags MEGAPACK - 8 styles!!

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Uploaded 18th Feb 2010 at 11:55 PM · Updated 23rd Feb 2010 at 11:11 PM by Arisuka : Added coloring info

I love eye bags to an extent that I created a bunch of all kinds of styles for simmies!
Pick and choose your favorite, there's now eye bags for everyone's personal eye bag -taste!

Asian has two versions of eye bags that help to create Asian eyes.
Junkie has two styles that give a look of I-Haven't-Slept-In-A-Week or I-Just-Saw-A-Pink-Elephant.

Layered has two styles that create a super baggy double bag -effect.

Aged gives the eyes a mature and aged look.

Natural is the most basic eye bag that you can find.

Advice how to get natural and realistic color combinations:

1) Choose a color that's close as possible to natural skintone
2) Change all channels to that color and then darken the other colors gradually
3) Save good color combinations, so that you can pick and use them later too!

All eye bags are for both genders, from young adult to elder.
These are not default replacements.
All are three channel recolorable with 1.outlines 2. main color 3. shadow
These can be found under eye shadow category.

CC on models:

Eyes by me
Abbey's Peggy hair conversion
v_ware's Anto hair conversion
Rustynail's hair
Nandonalt's eyebrows
HP's brows
Skins by Peggyzone
All other CC by me. Stubble and brows on WIP Robert Downey Jr. sim not available yet, but soon will be.
All other CC can be found from my downloads section.

Additional Credits:
Delpy's CTU and S3PE.

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