Australian Eucalyptus Tree

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Uploaded 17th Jul 2010 at 4:12 AM · Updated 6th Sep 2010 at 6:34 AM by comcal : typo

This is a Eucalyptus tree I modeled from scratch. I'd like to get some feedback as this is the first mesh I've made for use in The Sims, my other meshes have been for rendering. I have uploaded three files, the first file is for people who don't own Seasons, the second file is for people that do and the last file is a recolour that works with both versions. It doesn't drop leaves, the only changes you will notice are in winter when it snows (a snow texture will appear on the leaves).

It has two recolourable parts, the trunk and the foliage. I've included one recolour for both parts. See screenshots.

This mesh is slightly high poly so please use sparingly if you don't have a good GPU. The poly count on this tree isn't far off from Maxis trees of similar size. I've made the tree so it sits on four tiles and also made it so sims don't walk through it like ghosts. Four tiles means a max poly limit of 3200 (800 per tile), which I am under.

The tree can be found in Build Mode/Garden Center/Trees for all lot types. This is cloned from the basegame palm tree. Costs §300.

The 7z files I have uploaded will open in any popular achiever such as WinZIP, WinRAR and 7-Zip. Please do not ask me to upload any other format.


Feel free to clone and recolour on free sites, do not recolour or clone on any pay sites. Credit me with a link if you do recolour or clone. You may include the mesh with your recolour.

Technical stuff:
Modeled and UV unwrapped in Blender. xNormal was used to make bump maps and SimPE for package creation. AnyGameStarter was used for testing, thanks Numenor.

The foliage was placed at random so some of the leaves may look like they're floating but it isn't noticeable at a distance.

Polygon Counts:
Face count: 2961
Vertex count: 4604

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