Religious Books for all major world religions, New Pie Menus

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A few years ago, one of my first game mods was The Bible as a default replacement skill study book. Actually though, that wasn't very practical, because every time your sim studied cooking, or mechanical skill, they were reading from The Bible, which really didn't make much sense. Now I've made default replacements of the Freetime Romance book. So now your sims can read religious books without having to increase any skills. It works the same as the Romance book from Freetime, sims will just read it for a while, and it will boost their social. Also included are the pie menus for the books, so you will no longer see, read a book..Romance, instead you will see read a book...The Holy Bible, or whichever one you pick. The insides of Qur'an, Torah, and Buddhism are written in the languages of origin, though they are probably not best to try to read, as they won't make much sense. I don't speak those languages, so I don't know. You can only use one of these at a time in your downloads folder!

Here's what's included:

The Holy Bible
The Torah
The Buddhism Primer
The Qu'Ran

Edit: I do realize now that I left out the other major world religion - Hindu, so I might make a separate download (since new textures must go through moderation) for Hindu. I'm so sorry about that! Be on the lookout for a Hindu version coming soon!

Outside of the books:

Inside of the Books:

Pie Menus:


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