cheering time at birthday parties

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Uploaded 28th Aug 2010 at 5:12 AM · Updated 31st Aug 2010 at 10:03 PM by ryaaaaaaan21

I am very proud to present my first mod(:

I always thought that birthday parties were a little long and annoying, and when my sim had triplets 3 hours of noise and clapping was way to much. This simple little XML tuning mod will change the amount of cheering to which ever version you choose.

I have all WA HELS and AMB, version 4.2, but that shouldnt matter.

This wont confilct with any other mods that dont edit anything that edits the brithday event. these WILL conflict with eachother! only download one version!

10 minuets-sims will cheer for 10 sim minutes or less.
20 minuets-sims will cheer for 20 sim minutes or less.
30 minuets-sims will cheer for 30 sim minutes or less.
90 minuets-sims will cheer for exactly 90 sim minutes. this is longer than the default 40 minuets.

requested versions:

15 minutes-sims will cheer for 15 sim minutes or less.

if you want another version (60 sim minutes, 240 sim minutes) just say so in the comments and post a new version within 3 days. or feel free to edit it yourself and send a download link to me and i can put it in this thread and credit you for it.

Feel free to upload to other sites, just not paysites and please credit me! oh, and feel free to correct me on this post if it doesnt make sense. im new to this stuff(: lol.

Additional Credits: S3PE


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