Special Challenges are triggered more (or less) often (compatible with all versions incl 1.67)

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Uploaded 19th Jan 2011 at 9:27 PM · Updated 7th Jun 2014 at 7:55 AM by blennus : Version Update

Have you found that you never trigger the move-in challenges? Sick of moving characters in and out of homes just to trigger one of the special move-in challenges? With this mod you can change the probability that these challenges are triggered, to your liking.

These special Challenges can only be triggered via the move-in command to a non-empty lot when choosing an active family as seen above. Also most of the time it doesn't trigger if you move into an apartment. House boats are okay, so long as the boat is already there. Empty docks with brand new empty house boats won't work. Non-empty simply means that the lot must have at least one object on it, even a simple bush will do. You cannot trigger these events when moving the active family in-game (via phone or computer) or from plopping a family down in Edit Town. Normally there is a one in five chance that you will trigger a special challenge when you move a family in, however I have found that due to the above conditions, you may experience these challenges extremely rarely depending on your play-style. Also note that you can choose to ignore a scenario, even if it is triggered. Likewise you can choose to ignore any help offered by NPC's that come. This mod comes in six flavors, so only install one.
1. Never trigger challenges
2. Trigger challenges 1/3 of the time
3. Trigger challenges 1/2 of the time
4. Trigger challenges always
5. Trigger challenges always, NPC helper comes as soon as possible.
6. Trigger challenges always, NPC helper comes the next day.

There are five challenges included in the base-game, which are as follows:

Ancient burial ground: Lot starts with ghosts and gems, with a bunch of weeds scattered about. The Repo-man will come and offer to remove the tombstones for you if you wish. WARNING: The ghosts on this lot are always active, and as such you won't be able to remove the ghosts or the tombstones without cheating or accepting the repo-man's offer.

Flooding: Sinks and showers start broken and leaking. The repairman will come and offer to fix them for free if you so desire.

Meteor Aftermath: Various objects in the lot will start out singed, and the lot will be filled with piles of soot and ash, with a smattering of meteors found about. A firefighter will come and offer to clean of some of the piles of ash.

Squatters Squalor: The house will start infested with rats and filled with trash, with a few random vegetables spawning around the house. A maid will come and offer to clean some of the trash for free.

Bug infestation: The house will have an assortment of bugs and butterflies flying about. A science geek will come and offer to take them off your hands, but will not pay you for them. This is the one and only way to get the science geek to visit your house in his or her uniform, thus allowing you to add their outfit to your dresser if you get them to join your household.

Scenarios are chosen semi-randomly. Any individual lot will trigger the exact same scenario each time, so if you're not getting the scenario you want choose a different lot to move your family into.

This mod won't conflict with anything else, unless it does the exact same thing as this mod, which would be redundant and pointless. While this mod was made with the base game and patch 1.17, it should be backwards and forwards compatible. Please let me know if it isn't. ** Recently confirmed that it works with all expansion packs and stuff packs and all versions up until and including patch 1.67!

Additional Credits:
The writers of the XML editing tutorial.
Makers of S3PE.


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