Blossom Alley

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Uploaded 17th Feb 2011 at 4:13 PM · Updated 5th Mar 2011 at 6:29 PM by Ravamalie

Hi everyone after very long time!

At last I found some time to do something new... and I can't say this one was a piece of cake. It really drove me crazy. After spending hours to build it, I couldn't make it work properly. Now it seems to work just fine for my Sim.

What we have here is a terraced house with a separate apartment on each floor - one for a Sim, and 3 for NPCs. Inside our new home we can find small but cosy living room, bathroom (I thought that placing water-themed pictures and nice smelling plant inside will be quite funny), double bedroom with wardrobe/study corner and the kitchen.

To place mailbox and trash chute in the building I used Late Night - Buyable Mailbox and Trash Chute from HugeLunatic (BIG THANKS!!!), but it looks that you don't need to download it to make them work. I removed mod from my game and they didn't disappear or stop working properly.

Well... Enjoy!

Lot Size: 50x25
Lot Price: F: 26,900 / U: 3,315

Additional Credits:
Thanks to HugeLunatic for Late Night - Buyable Mailbox and Trash Chute

For everyone who have a problem with "sinking" lot - Oumamea found the solution (Thank you very much!):

Originally Posted by oumamea
I solved the problem with this lot sinking into the ground!!
Here is how I did it (If someone else wants to try it):

1. Open the game and go to the world that you would like to place this lot in.
2. Make sure you have the correct size lot available but don't place Blossom Alley yet.
3. Click on the lot and select the edit lot tool. Wait for the lot to load.
4. Once the blank lot is loaded do the following:

1. Enter the cheat space (Ctrl+Shift+C) and type testingcheatsenabled true press enter
2. Cheat space again and type constrainFloorElevation false press enter
3. Cheat space type setimportedterrainoffset 3.5 press enter
4. Now reverse the cheat commands constrainFloorElevation true, testingcheatsenabled false, remember to press enter after each command
5. Go to edit town and place Blossom Alley

If all went well your lot should now be perfect!!!

ps The command setimportedterrainoffset {value} The value here can be diffrent from what I have used. I tried diffrent values until I got it to where it should be. If your lot is raised instead of sinking you can use a negative value for instance -3.

I hope this will help someone that is also having a similar problem.

Number of bedrooms: 1 Bedroom
Custom Content Included: None
Furnishings: Starter Furnishings
Special Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #Apartment, #flat, #small, #furnished, #historic, #georgian, #terraced