ADIRONDACKS + SCULPTURES! - Victor's Summer Sale Volume VI

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Hi again all! Victor is back!! lol.

Adirondack Furniture!! *
- 3 End tables, with each wood tone, Cherry, Walnut and Dark Oak;
- 3 Loveseat/livingchair frames, with each wood tone, Cherry, Walnut and Dark Oak;
- 3 Loungers, with each wood tone, cherry, walnut and dark oak;
- 12 Cushion recolors
* the Adirondack Furniture does NOT require any EP or SP

Some Sculptures too!! **
- 12 recolors of the Convex Stoneware Bowls
- 5 recolors of the base of the On A Pedestal Statue
** the Statue bases DON'T require any EP or SP
** the Bowls are a recolor of a SP object, therefore the Bowls require the Glamour Life SP

The blue and green coffee tables are available for download here.

The different cushion colors match with the bowl colors. And of course all of these items match all the other "Victor" items, and some Maxis items:

- "walnut" frame color can be matched with a lot of Maxis basegame outdoors items
- "cherry red" frame color can be matched with some Maxis basegame items and some OFB items
- "dark oak" frame color can be matched with some Maxis UNI items.
...and even just with Victor's items you have way enough to make pretty sets already!

Where to find them in the game :

BOWL (Glamour Life SP required)
Decorative > Sculptures
Convex Stoneware by Simporters Inc. (§375)

STATUE (Basegame)
Decorative > Sculptures
"On A Pedestal" by Yucan Byall (§5000)

Comfort > Living Chair
Contempto Adirondack Chair (§400)

Comfort > Recliners
Contempto Adirondack Living Lounge (§420)

Comfort > Sofas
Contempto Adirondack Loveseat (§450)

Surfaces > Endtable
Contempto Adirondack End Table (§90)

So there you go. Enjoy!! :D
Sorry for the lack of "Victor" seasoning here, old man was tired again so he asked me to take over. He'll be back to talk to you with his final sets.

(If anyone wants the green or blue (malachite/verditer) coffee table displayed, click here

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Numenor for his tutorial on object recolors. Thanks to people for trying my stuff and a special thanks to those who consider any of my creations their favourites! Love you!! :D

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