Need A New Bed? Build One! ~ Pt 3 ~ 8 New Meshes

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There is a B&B contest going on at Black Pearl Sims. I really want to enter it and had an idea to do a B&B by the shore. I can't leave well enough alone and ended up making some new stuff to use in my entry.

Everything here is meant to be used with my BED MESHES . The overlays for the side of the bed WILL work with in-game beds if you like the hanging in mid air look, lol. (Actually there are other beds these may work with.)

There are 8 new meshes- a double ship's wheel headboard and matching footboard; a single ship's wheel headboard with matching footboard; a double decorative overlay for the bed; a single decorative overlay for the bed; a double decorative overlay for my chalkboard headboard and a single decorative overlay for my chalkboard headboard. There are also oodles of recolors for all.

The overlays for the bed have a box that sticks out from the end of the bed (like my drawer knobs) and have an invisible recolor. The overlays can be used with the drawer knobs- the glass knobs might not show up right at all angles. (They didn't always in my testing.)

Now for the important stuffs:
The DOUBLE headboard is the MASTER of the DOUBLE footboard.
The SINGLE headboard is the MASTER of the SINGLE footboard.
The DOUBLE decorative overlay for the bed is the MASTER of the SINGLE decorative overlay for the bed.
The DOUBLE decorative chalkboard overlay is the MASTER of the SINGLE decorative chalkboard overlay.
The footboards aren't in the right spot. They are 3 tiles ahead of the green footprint. Just make sure that is at the head of the bed and the footboards will be in the right spot then.
The overlays for the chalk headboards were cloned from a wall sticker- however, they are placed to fit over the headboard and will float in front of a wall.
No cheats are needed to place any of the meshes.

Also included:
Remapped chalkboards - if you happen to have these from the recolors post, you don't need these.
Residential collection file - all files are in it and if you happen to already have this from the recolors post, you don't need this one.

Not all recolors are shown in the screenshots. There is a swatch that shows what all the recolors are.

As always, recolors are welcome. Hope you enjoy!

Polygon Counts:
Chalk Headboards - Both 76
DecoOverlay for Beds - Both 84
DecoOverlay for Chalk Headboards - Both 2
Single Wheel Headboard, Footboard and Double Footboard - 835
Double Headboard - 1633

Additional Credits:
SimPE, Milkshape, PhotoShop CS2, EA/Maxis for the in game ship's wheel mesh I used for the head and footboards

Style: Not Applicable
Room: Bedroom
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

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