No "Bad Night's Sleep" moodlet to bunk beds

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Uploaded 12th Aug 2012 at 8:17 AM · Updated 28th Oct 2012 at 1:00 AM by Bluna The Sims

I believe this mod is compatible with 1.38 and all updates,it's a very simple mod!

(So...this is my first mod,I'm learning it...)

I was searching for this mod for a long time,so,I decided to make it myself

I felt angry by buying the most expensive bunk bed,and the "Bad Night's Sleep" moodlet appears... So,I made this mod ^^
Now,only the "Well Rested" moodlet!

This mod overrides the _XML following resources: BunkBedCheap_0x45f232de4d7b72c0 and the BunkBedCheapLoft_0xb079fdeb6a8997c1 and conflicts with all to do the same.

Affects all the bunk beds.I'ts was made with the patch 1.36,but I believe it is compatible with previous versions

Additional Credits:
The creator of S3PE

Type: Other

Tags: #bunk, #bed, #moodlet, #cheap, #expensive