Harvey Boyle, P.I.

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Uploaded 29th Sep 2012 at 7:19 PM

The events that got Harvey discharged from the force and into the tough alleys of freelance sleuthing, just a few years ago, are a subject he'd rather not talk about (though, if someone was to talk about it, the phrase "loose cannon" would be brought a lot). Then again, most things are subjects he'd rather not talk about. In his line of work, being tight-lipped is considered an asset. Whatever the case may be, he's ready to move to a new town to start on a clean slate. In the past, his career didn't leave much space for any kind of social life, as he always considered himself to be married to the job. But, who knows, maybe things will be different this time around...

I made Harvey for a sim creation challenge over at GoS. I also wanted a Sim to try out the Investigator profession with. I'm pretty satisfied with how he turned out!

His beard and his Everyday top are from Late Night, and his Formal hat and outfit (plus his Perceptive trait and his Pervasive Private Eye lifetime wish) are from Ambitions. Needless to say, if you don't have those EPs these items won't show up. Other than that, though, he should be basegame compatible.



As with other sims uploaded on MTS, Harvey is packaged with basegame skin. To make him look like in the pics, you'll have to download his skin (link provided in the CC list) separately, and apply it manually in the CAS screen. It should be easy to identify from the drop-down menu since, when selected, "ESKIN NV1" can be read in the skintone slider - which should be moved to the "N" in "NV1" to give him the same tone he has in the pictures.

This is my first upload, so feedback, criticism, bug reports, corrections and whatnot are more than welcome!

Additional Credits:
Garden of Shadows for the fun challenges this Sim came from.

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