Meet Zadra Vlucah Zeykian

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Uploaded 2nd May 2013 at 1:12 AM · Updated 12th Jan 2016 at 2:48 AM by DOLCE_VIDA : updated link to "tifa eyes No45"

Who wants a town populated with nothing but plain ole humans? I know I don't. Met Zadra, one of the many "otherworld" sims I created to keep my towns "interesting".

Zadra's hair is base game, and while most of her clothing is from the Supernatural EP, you do not really need it.
Take advantage of all the patterns available in CAST, as they're what I used to "design" her shorts and swimwear.

HAIR COLOR: You can find Zadra's hair color, "Zadra's Bleu Blanc Rose" at my "studio" on the Exchange...
yes I know the Exchange tends to be "ugh", but I use my "studio" to store the hair colors, clothes, and shoes I colored for my sims.

Genetics: Zadra's skintone ("Scatter 26") comes courtesy of a color slider called, Scatter Genes (19 fantasy skin color sliders) by Scones. I LOVE "Scatter Genes", my babies are born oh-so-lovely, especially when the colors of both parents get blended together. Zadra is NOT packaged with "Scatter Genes", you will have to download the slider using the link I provided. =)

If you want Zadra to look exactly like the pic, you'll need 3 pieces of cc:
Eye Contacts (non-default): "Eyes N45" by Tifa Sims. *21 Dec., 2015: I've updated the link to the correct page, but as Tifa adds more items you might need to keep scrolling to find the eyes.
Lips: "Cotton Candy Lipbalm", part of the "Simply Sweet -Tasty Lipsticks Set For Females" by Elexis.
Skin: Scatter Genes (19 fantasy skin color sliders) by Scones

I also used multiple sliders to sculpt her face (I'm not sure which ones though). My Mods folder contains sliders by: Delphy , CmarNYC , aWT (nose septum, jawline/brow ), Jonha , Nysha (formerly known as, whiterider), a slider by GnatGoSplat, and a UI mod Rez Delnava. If you don't want Zadra to look like the toxic avenger, I would not mess with her face.

PS: you DO NOT need "scatter genes" to obtain her skintone, or to make her "work". "Scatter genes" just helps with genetics .

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Freedom_55 and daniandan for your input.

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