Carmen Sandiego

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Ah, edutainment games! What better way to teach ADHD children lessons in geography, history, and logic, than to force us to chase down a woman capable of stealing the Mississippi River!

I got an urge to simify Carmen after a marathon session of cell phone gaming (and learning more world geography facts than I really want to at this time in life). This turned out to be significantly more of a challenge than I was originally prepared for. After forgetting about the project altogether for a while, a PM request got me to start up again, and now here we are! Carmen Sandiego, rogue ACME agent and master thief, is all ready to come to your town, strike fear into the hearts of your ineffectual police and private investigators, wreak havoc, and steal everything in sight! Because that's just how it is, baby.

Carmen's traits are adventurous, computer whiz, genius, night owl, and naturally, kleptomaniac. Her current LTW is "master thief," though "seasoned traveler," "great explorer," and "possession is 9/10 of the law" are all good choices too.

I tried to keep Carmen low on the necessary CC scale, but she really does need a few sliders to match that 90s cartoon Carmen look. From what I could tell, you need these sliders in your game if you download her, or her face (particularly her chin) won't look like the photos. I did not try breeding her to see how her children would turn out--nobody wants Mommy's chin.

"Chin Width Slider" -- GnatGoSplat
"Eye length/width/stretch sliders" -- Bella3lek4

More CC, without which Carmen would not look quite like her usual scheming self:

"Oh My Eyes" -- escand
"The Glamour Brow" -- Daluved1
"Diamond Rose" -- Elexis
"Peggy Hat with headband" -- TumTumSimilino

And her outfits, which don't require CC, but do require certain EPs/SPs. Of course, if you don't have them, the game will give her default replacement clothing.

Everyday: outfit--base game
Formal: dress--Fast Lane, jewelry--Showtime, hair--Supernatural
Nightclothes: outfit--base game, hair--Master Suite
Athletic: outfit--Outdoor Living, shoes--University, hair--Nightlife
Swimwear: outfit--base game
Outerwear (only if you have Seasons) installed: outfit--Seasons, shoes/gloves--base game

Hope you enjoy.

Additional Credits:
Special thanks to Rockerduck for asking me to get started on this again
And of course everyone on #create chat and in CFF who gave me advice.

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