The Chocolate Mint Swirl Starter Cottage

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Uploaded 25th Aug 2013 at 3:35 PM · Updated 25th Aug 2013 at 4:43 PM by IAmDeath

Just a modest and cute little starter cottage that has an outer color scheme that reminds me of chocolate ice cream with swirls of mint and vanilla. Mmmm, ice cream... :3

Since the lot is small, there is an unfurnished basement for extra space.

Size: 10x10
Price Unfurnished: 13,021
Price Furnished: 15,621

Custom Content Included:
Sunflower Tile Pattern from Around the Sims 3

Custom Content Required But Not Included:
Country Windows by HugeLunatic
ModernLine Windows by hudy777DeSign
Budget Bathroom by Lisen801

Lot Size: 1x1
Lot Price: 15,621

Number of bedrooms: 1 Bedroom
Custom Content Included: Build and Buy Mode Content
Furnishings: Starter Furnishings
Special Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #cottage, #European, #starter, #ice cream, #modest