Ryan Nolan, a young bachelor looking for true love

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True love stories never have endings.
- Richard Bach

Hey, I'm fenrirsims and this is my first upload to MTS. Hopefully I've made no mistakes so far ^^ Below you can find a little description for Ryan, basically he's written himself a dating profile. I have also added in his traits in game and all of his CC is below too of course!

"Hey, I'm Ryan Nolan. I'm a young single guy looking for a long-term relationship. You should know that I LOVE Philly cheese steaks! I listen to mostly rock music, indie, the classics and modern rock are all great in my book. I also listen to Electronica sometimes, to get pumped for a long workout. My favorite color is blue, so expect to see me wearing it, a lot. I'm super athletic, I love to run and jog in my free-time, keeping myself healthy and in the best shape I can is very important to me. I don't want to sound shallow, I don't care about body types much, but I do want a woman who takes care of herself, and cares about her health. My favorite sport is soccer, it's my passion and I want to go pro someday. It's my one real ambition in life, my dream. You should know, I've never had any trouble with the ladies, bit of a charmer or so I've been told. But I'm not looking for some fling, I could get those no problem, but I want something real, something meaningful. I've always had trouble finding the right woman for me. I'm a joker, that's an important fact you should know. I love to tell a good joke, and hearing them too. I'm definitely good for a laugh, and I just love cheering people up with my jokes. I am real handy around the house and I fix up old muscle cars in my spare time.

If I had to name one of my flaws, It'd have to be my temper. I'm not crazy angry or anything, but I do tend to lose my cool sometimes, a little bit of a hot-head I guess. At least my job helps me relieve some of my stress. My career is really important to me, I want to become a famous athlete, not just for the fame, but for the challenge. I really love a good challenge, and friends and women who challenge me to do my best. All and all I want a tough women, someone who can handle my temper, and tell a good joke. A women who loves to laugh and who can make me laugh too. I want someone who enjoys life and lives it to the fullest! I want a real relationship, I'm looking for true love, that forever kind of love. "

Alright! Ryan's traits, favorites and his LTW are below. He'd be best starting out with a cool male roommate or in a small loft by himself. I only used the Base Game for him, but I think he'd do well in Twinbrook or even Bridgeport. He prefers industrial architecture. He likes some art, but mostly I'd say posters of his favorite movies and musicians. And of course whatever house you put him in should have a gym of some kind, and maybe a nice garage with space for a workshop/body shop. Ryan is charismatic with a good sense of humor, so it shouldn't be hard for him to make friends, and he does love to hang out with his best "bros", to see a movie or attend a big game at the stadium. I do hope this description give you a good idea of what kind of Sim Ryan is, and I'd love to know if you enjoy playing as him! I'd also love to know what kind of woman you pair him with! He is looking for love after all.

T r a i t s

- Athletic
- Charismatic
- Good Sense of Humor
- Handy
- Hot-Headed

F a v o r i t e s

- Food: Philly Cheese Steaks, Sub Sandwiches and anything meaty
- Color: Steel Blue, Navy Blue, and Turquoise
- Music: Indie Rock, Classic Rock, and a little Electronica


- To be a Professional Athlete, specifically a Professional Soccer player

No onto the CC and Sliders you'll be needing!

Facial Appearance

This Sim is packaged with default skin! You WILL NEED to download the non-default skin linked below if you want Ryan to be as pictured! Ryan requires one Store item, his hair, which is linked below. You can of course replace it if you don't have the hair. Other than that everything else is either base game or free CC. Ryan DOES NOT need any EPs or SPs to work in your game! He was made with patch 1.55.

SKIN: Face Skin V6 (ND) by Tifa
EYES: Pixie Contacts by stefizzi
HAIR: Mid-hawk Hair from the Store!
GOATEE: Chinstrap Goatee Default Replacement by kitty klan
EYEBROWS: Eyebrow Replacements by Simple Life
NOSE: Nose Mask by Modern Lover
FRECKLES: Freckles by Vasilla
EYELASHES: Eyelashes by S-Club Privee
PIERCING: Head Like A Hole Piercing Set by Sleepless Angel


Fearless Tattoo from the Blow Tattoo Set by Vanity Sims
Polynesian Tattoos by Amylet
Gears and Levers by DL 4 Sims (little more than half-way down the page)

Clothing & Accessories

E v e r y d a y: Layered Shirts V2 by newone08 (TOP), Misery Loves Company Jeans by aikea guinea (PANTS)
F o r m a l: Social Suit by R2M Creations (TOP), Dress Pants by All About Style (SLACKS), Desert Boots by Pixicat(SHOES)
S l e e p w e a r: Fitted Tanktop by SeeMyu (TOP), The Bare Essentials Collection by Cooper's Corner Simmodeling (BRIEFS)
A t h l e t i c: Tommy Hoodie by Augusto Studio (TOP), Meet the Scout by amvalvo(GLOVES), High Sneakers by Sims2Time (SHOES)

* Everything else for the clothes are Base Game! Ryan does not require any EPs or SPs!


The sliders are completely optional provided you don't intend to change Ryan's facial structure. However, if you do then you'll need a few sliders.

Hermi's Lip Slider, and Lip Fatness Slider by Jasumi
Upper Lip Shape slider by Sage
Overlip Curve Slider by Nysha
Head Shape Slider and 10 new CAS Sliders by jonha
17 New & Old Facial Cas Sliders by bella3lek4
awtmk sliders (you do not need the hat sliders, the bulbous head, the forehead depth, or the pupil shapes!)

::WARNING:: If you plan on EDITING Ryan's face at all, you will NEED to download the sliders linked ^^ Additionally you will NEED a mod that increases the slider-limit, like AwesomeMod, Johna's slider hack, or cmar's slider hack! But you only need these sliders if you plan on editing Ryan.

What your getting!
--> Included in the actual .rar is Ryan's SIM file. Again I have NOT included any non-default skins or any other content, you will need to get his CC above!

In closing. PLEASE! Tell me what you think of Ryan and how he does in your game. I hope you have fun playing him, and that you have no problems with the download! ^_^ Feel free to leave a comment, I'd love to hear some feedback!

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