Less or More Seasickness by DomiMatrix (4 Flavors)

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Uploaded 12th Sep 2013 at 1:59 PM · Updated 12th Sep 2013 at 7:39 AM by DomiMatrix

Mod was made with patch 1.55
You must have Island Paradise to use this mod.

When I got Island Paradise I was very annoyed with how often my Sims got seasick. I searched and searched for a mod, but nobody had made one so I went ahead and did it. Decided to make more and less versions for people who don't want the totally eliminate seasickness.

There are 4 packages included:
- No Seasickness = your Sims will never get seasick
- Less Seasickness = your Sims will get seasick half as often
- More Seasickness = your Sims will get seasick twice as often
- Always Seasick = your Sims will get seasick every 6 hours that they are on a boat

Choose only one version!

This is an XML tuning mod and it will only conflict with other mods that alter the seasickness resource.
The resource edited is Seasickness_0xa5fc76513698439b.

Additional Credits: S3PE

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