Toyota RAV4

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Uploaded 9th Nov 2013 at 5:22 PM

Two brothers Hosyu Pee-Sei and Hosyu Ka-Ka, and also their company "Otsu C Co." present the compact SUV Toyota RAV4 J. The powerful 2.0-liter engine with the low weight and small dimensions of the chassis are make this car fast and good maneuverability.

- steering wheel is on the right side (as in the original Japanese cars);
- stare wheel on the back of the car can be covered and uncovered in variations;
- the cover for the stare wheel has the three variations of painting on it;
- two variables of the car painted thematically: World Adventures and Island Paradise. Hope you'd like that.
- car description translated for all languages available in game.
- all texts on the car is on Simlish.

In-Game Name: Toyota RAV4 J, Price 9000 simoleons, Catalog Location: Buy Mode, Vehicles, Cars.

Polygon Counts:
HLOD: 22086 faces, 22737 verticles
MLOD: 13546 faces, 16369 verticles
LLOD: 13114 faces, 15825 verticles

Additional Credits:
The variable which is here on the image in the description is my real car.

Car Type: SUV
Car Era: 1990s

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