Serena Oliver--the Flute Personified

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This Sim is Serena Oliver, my idea of what a flute would be like if it were a person (Sim).

Quiet and mellow or high and shrill, the flute can blend with the rest of the orchestra or stand out in brilliant solos.

It requires a lot of lung power to produce a good tone, since only a portion of the air goes into the flute. Some beautiful works featuring the flute include Syrinx by Debussy and The Moldau by Smetana.

She is made with EA default skin.

Custom Content
Everyday: Sims3Cri N.F. Long BlueFolds
This link worked before Sims3Cri began being updated, but since it is currently unavailable, I have included the dress.
Formal: All About Style Oscar-Penelope Cruz
Sleep: All About Style Natori Simple Gown
Athletic: EA Store Long Scarf is Long
Hair: irKatty Newsea Sailaway Retexture
Eyebrows: Pralinesims Glamorous Eyebrows
Makeup, all by Pralinesims: Vintage Romance Lashes, Midnight Star Eyeshadow, Romantic Eyes 2.0, 'Rose Delight' Blush, Romance Lip Balm,
Necklace: NataliS Long Multi-Stone Necklace

Thanks to Judie, irKatty, Pralinesims, Sims3Cri and NataliS for the awesome CC!

Poses by IMHO and Eternilia

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