6 Starter Road - A Base Game Compatible, CC Free Bungalow for only §17,556!

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Uploaded 24th Jan 2014 at 2:42 AM

6 Starter Road is the last house in a series of houses made for the average sim who comes straight out of "create a family". These houses are designed to be base game compatible and custom content free.

I don't feel there are enough (will there ever be enough) starter houses that provide function, practicality and design for such a small price. This house has 1 bathroom, 2 bedrooms, a comfortable, functional kitchen dining area and a large living area.

This house would be suitable for a young couple ready to get started with their life or even a small family.

As hoped, this house is using purely base game items and does not contain any store items or custom content.

Furnished: §17,556
Un-furnished: §15,616

Lot Size: 20x15
Lot Price: 17,556

Number of bedrooms: 2 Bedrooms
Custom Content Included: None
Furnishings: Starter Furnishings
Special Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #starter, #cosy, #2 bedrooms, #family, #child, #comfortable, #pratical