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The Breed
The Beauceron is a versatile French guard and farm dog. It comes in standard blank and tan and can also be found in merle/harlequin. One interesting characteristic of the breed is having double dewclaws which are required for the dog to be shown. The ears can be cropped, but the tail should never be docked. They are calm, intelligent and gentle as well as active and fearless and make excellent guard dogs by nature.

Note: My dogs do not look as fluffy because my graphics card does not allow proper display for fur, but they should look nice and furry for those with a proper graphics card.

I've included two versions of the same dogs, one set (in merle and black and tan) with cropped ears and another in the same colors with natural ears in case you like your dogs all natural.

Custom Content
- CmarNYC's Tail Length Slider
- Optional, but recommended: traelia's Fetching Dog Eyes

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