Elealon--modest/luxury home

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Uploaded 20th Mar 2005 at 7:25 PM

Modest and luxury might not go hand in hand, but I put LUXURY because of the price (around 250k) and the design. MODEST because it's not a fancy castle or mansion. This might be the type of home that you would see in a neighborhood with lawyers and doctors.

Elealon boasts of two stories with a semi-attached garage and a breezeway that attaches the garage to the house. You will find an apartment over the garage for that tenant you might want to invite in. It has a master bedroom/bathroom on the ground floor along with a half bath near the entrance. The master bedroom has a walk-in closet with a full length mirror in case your Sim is shy about dressing in front of others. There is an area for the computer desk/chair that is hidden behind a wall so that the light from the computer will not wake the one who is trying to sleep. The bathroom is very spacious with a separate room for the toilet and the bath-tub. This bathroom has a couple of chaise lounge chairs if you want to sit and read a book.

A formal dining room is included with the two story gathering room nearby. A (non-functional) laundry room is near the breezeway entrance, along with the stairs leading up to the hall that overlooks the gathering room. There are three bedrooms (at least 2 with walk-in closets) and two baths upstairs plus a storage closet. The family room has an area for informal dining and between the family room and the master bedroom you will find a covered patio for your 'rainy day' barbeques.

Furnished throughout.

I had found a picture of this RL house and houseplans and decided to give it a try. I've tried to only use items/objects from the game and the only "extras" would be some wallpapers that I created. I couldn't get the roof to be like in the "RL" picture, and never figured out how to make a ground level garage with a house with a foundation. If any knows how to do that, feel free to do so and post it here again. Hope you like it.

Picture of "RL" house:

Close-up of breezeway: