"Hands up!" Pose Pack

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Uploaded 14th Jun 2014 at 12:02 AM · Updated 21st Jul 2014 at 4:36 PM by III2 : minor updates

There are a lot of pose packs around with action poses that involve guns, so to complement those packs I decided to make a few poses of sims with their hands up in surrender. So, if you needed these poses for an action story you wanted to create, or maybe just for fun, to make your sims put their hands up when a burglar robs them, there you go!
The pack includes 9 poses: 5 of them are standing poses, two are sitting poses, and two are kneeling poses. The poses have different facial expressions (although you can change them ingame if you have the Pose Player Add-On).
UPDATE: four poses were added in the zip file, see last three screenshots.

How to install? Download and install "Pose Player", download and install this pose pack the same way (put it in the mods/packages folder), and the poses are ready for use in your game. Just click the Pose Player and select the pose menu, you will find everything there.
Note, that these poses will not work on kids and toddlers, they are only for teens and older.

The poses are:
Screenshot 1:
a_handsabovehead - seen on the left and a_handsupconfused seen on the right - good for robbery or getting arrested scenes

Screenshot 2:
a_vulnerable - a feminine pose with a scared expression
Screenshot 3:
a_playful - this pose is less serious and the sim pretends to be surprised and surrenders

Screenshot 4:
a_handsupreluctant - a sim is caught and reluctantly surrenders, expressing anger
Screenshot 5:
a_sexysurrender - a sexy villain sitting on a couch or chair, surrendering, but trying to seduce the hero
Screenshot 6:
a_handsupraid - a sim it sitting scared with hands above the head as if there is a robbery or a police raid

Screenshot 7:
a_kneelingrobbed - sitting on the knees
Screenshot 8:
a_handsupkneeling - standing on the knees, good for arresting scenes, for example

Screenshot 10:
a_handsupthreatened - another standing pose with a more scared expression
Screenshot 11:
a_surrendersitting - another sitting pose, the expression is slightly scared
Screenshot 12:
a_handsupgunpoint and a_handsupgunpointlow - two standing poses, IMO they are more realistic than the previous ones

Credits go, of course, to Cmomoney for his incredible Pose Player and to Misukisu for his Add-on, "A" for his tools and tutorials and again CMO for his Pose pack Creator.
Feel free to use those poses and edit them however you want!

Additional Credits:
Custom stuff you see on the screencaps made by Jasumi (gun poses), Mi-Shil (gun poses), XanKriegor (gun), Nouk (hair), Peggy/Anubis (hair), Alesso (hair), Newsea (hair), Nightcrawler (hair), shakeshaft (dress)

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