Almost everything you could want modern houseboat

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I know, two in one day, I'm a building machine!

Well hopefully some of you guys still use houseboats, because this is quite clearly a houseboat. Since I just made a mansion with everything you could want, I figure I'd make a houseboat of the same idea. I called the houseboat version 'almost' though, because houseboats can never be very big, so you have to get by with a little less than on a normal lot. I used four floors and the basement, which is basically all I can use to make the houseboat look right. I wanted to add a pool in the basement, but since you can only have one floor of basement in houseboats, you can't add a pool down there . But it's okay since I added other stuff down there!

if you usually don't like houses with so many stories, I was just thinking the elevators from ITF make sims zip up the floors. It may be a bit of a hassle, but you could probably replace the spiral stairs with those (you'd have to start from the basement up)

This houseboat boasts many amenities!

-4 bedrooms, which is pretty rare for houseboats! Unfortunately, two of the bedrooms are fairly small. How I have it made right now, up to six sims can sleep here.
-4 bathrooms
-a study
-kids play area in living room
-a living room upstairs, along with a big tv in the basement
-late night bar in basement
-karaoke in basement
-art room (or other hobby/skill room if you change it)
-fish room*
-garden room*

*more info to follow

Since this is a houseboat, I figure that the sims that move in here like to fish. Therefore, maybe you want to give one of your sims the perfect private aquarium wish. Therefore, I added a little room full of individual fish tanks, as it states you need 13 perfect fish in their own separate aquariums. The room has eleven, and I have two more throughout the house for your sims prized catches!

Usually your sims can't garden in a houseboat, but I know this is important for some simmers, therefore I made a little garden room. If you'd like to place more plants (as I didn't fill it up), you can find additional plants in buydebug. You can place them using moveobjects on. If you don't want to cheat to add plants, you can add the pots from supernatural instead. I don't think there's another way.
**EDIT: actually, you can plant plants on the ITF grass floortiles without cheating which is amazing, that is crazy!**

And as a side note, you can't use cameraman properly in the basement of a houseboat, which is why the screenshots taken down there are a bit subpar.



island Paradise
Late night

Kind of needed:


Barely needed:

Pets (umbrella)
supernatural (rocking chair)

Lot Size: 17x22
Lot Price (furnished): 169,162
Lot Price (unfurnished): 71,305

Number of bedrooms: 4 Bedrooms
Custom Content Included: None
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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