Appaloosa Plains - CLEANED

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Uploaded 2nd Mar 2015 at 4:26 PM · Updated 8th Mar 2015 at 8:55 PM by Lea.Sikora

Appaloosa Plains - CLEANED

Whenever I start a new neightborhood, it takes a lot of time to prepare the world to my likes. I delete several households put in by EA to avoid lagging and also to avoid interference from households I don't know. Once I found the Appaloosa Plains cleaned on here, but... cleaned completely with no plants and what so ever... and for that I didn't really have the nerve to create everything new ;D so for you, I only cleaned the map of buildings.
Appaloosa Plains - CLEANED comes in three flavours:

1. with the city still standing

There all the buildings you need to buy your food, go into cinema, to the fitnessstudio or into the salon. All these buildings still exist - like a city just with no households.

2. with the most essential buildings

meaning, there is a school (maybe not so nesessary xP ) a food-store, book-store and the cityhall of course.
Like this, you can start up a household without fearing to not be able to miss something, but every other building with extras you will need to place yourself.

3. without any buildings at all

like the header says... no buildings at all. you will need to place the essencial buildings before starting to play.

I think about doing this with all the maps I have due to the packeges i own, but it will take some time.
Next will most likely be the Isla Paradiso from the package Island Paradise.

Note: I did not create that world! I just used the standard EA - Neighborhood and deleted the buildings.

Now have fun creating your own Appaloosa Plain Community without having to delete all that stuff!


Install Instruction:

This is a neighborhood-save so you put the extracted file into your "saves" file. You don't need to install anything, just load your game and the neighborhood will appear in the main menu where you select your own saved neighborhoods.

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