The Stillwater

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The Stillwater is a Simified version of Plan SD121 by Stillwater Homes . The RL example runs about 1100 sq. feet. It sleeps 3 comfortably and was play-tested with 3 but you could rearrange the furniture and get another bed in there. Each bedroom has its own bath and there's space for a dresser or instrument. Plenty more space for creative or fitness items on the patio.

To quote: "The homeowner did a beautiful job of blending inside and outside living spaces with a thoughtfully designed landscape and hardscape plan." The ambiance really does fit the desert neighborhood. You get a lot of style for a very medium price. My founders live here and it's a great lot to play. I hope you enjoy it as much as they do. The grate on the fireplace is actually the Storm Drain by plastic box. It keeps popping out of place but it's a merged file with the Liberated Street Deco listed below so you can try to put it back if you want.

There's a lot of CC. If you want to take some of it out, the game will remove the items from the lot for you. I've tested this in my own game without problems so there's no longer a reason to post an unfurnished version. Inside the 7zip you will find files with extensions .bpi, .blueprint and .trayitem These go in your Tray folder. Place the lot from inside the lot in build mode with bb.moveobjects off .

IMPORTANT! If you want your lot to look just like the pics you need to manually download the following files:

Asian bathroom ts4 - shower by Severinka @ TSR
Living Cedar - Wall Lamp by ung999 @ TSR
Bedroom Simplicity - End Table by ung999 @ TSR
Kitchen Alobi - Walltools by ShinoKCR @ TSR
Kitchen Alobi - Barstool by ShinoKCR @ TSR
Kitchen Alobi - Cabinet by ShinoKCR @ TSR
Kitchen Alobi - Counter 2 by ShinoKCR @ TSR
Kitchen Alobi - Island Counter 2 by ShinoKCR @ TSR
Jupiter Ceiling Lamp by Dot @ TSR
June Leelo 1 Paintings by kardofe @ TSR
Liberated Street Deco by plasticbox @ MTS
Liberated Garden Stuff by plasticbox @ MTS
McBride Fireplace by jomsims creations
McBride Refrigerator by jomsims creations
Merged Plant Collection TS3>TS4 by Inabadromance
Table basse from set Courcelles by Mango
Diesel Living Sofa TS3>TS4-Rasberry by Brial/MsTeaQueen @ Queen's Decor
Diesel Living Chair TS3>TS4-Rasberry by Brial/MsTeaQueen @ Queen's Decor
Modern Classic Rugs by Saudade Sims
Mortar Fence by AdonisPluto @ MTS
Eames Chair-White by KiwiSims/Meinkatz Creations
Poster-o-rama by budgie2budgie
Grove Furniture Collection-Single Bed Frame by Peacemaker @ Simsational Designs
Grove Furniture Collection-Double bed frame by Peacemaker @ Simsational Designs
Mattress for Single Bed by Veranka
Mattress for Double Bed by Veranka
Floor Nogal by Pilar @ TSR
Wood Country Floors by Sims4Fun
Wood Country Wall-Ash Moulding by Sims4Fun

Lot Size: 20x30
Lot Price (unfurnished): $17,606
Lot Price (furnished): $42,842

Number of bedrooms: 2 Bedrooms
Custom Content Included: Build and Buy Mode Content
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #modern