Bridgeport - EMPTIED

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Uploaded 16th Jun 2015 at 11:12 PM

Bridgeport - EMPTIED

Whenever I start a new neightborhood, it takes a lot of time to prepare the world to my likes. I delete several households put in by EA to avoid lagging and also to avoid interference from households I don't know. Once I found the Appaloosa Plains cleaned on here, but... cleaned completely with no plants and what so ever... and for that I didn't really have the nerve to create everything new ;D so for you, I only cleaned the map off buildings.

More benefits: less lag, smoother gameplay, less stranger sims

Bridgeport - EMPTIED comes in four flavours:

1. City grade I

There all the buildings you need to buy your food, go into cinema, to the fitnessstudio or into the salon. All these buildings still exist - like a city just with no households.
There may come the info that you don't have some aquired expansion packs, that is because I have careers and pets and others installed. Just klick to continue loading and the neighborhood will work just fine, it will only delete the buildings that you don't have the packs for. PLUS there are the skyskraper-properties still standing. (but I deleted the Sims) I really do not like big towns and I personally never played on Bridgeport xD but I do know that there are a lot of people out there that LOVE cities, so I figured for these it would be nice, if there already is a city-feeling but only without annoying EA-Sims in them.

2. City grade II

Just as you know my City-only-maps. All public lots of that map are still standing. There is also a picture of the island that goes for both City grades.

3. most essential buildings

meaning, there is a food-store, book-store and the cityhall of course as well as a school.
Like this, you can start up a household without fearing to be missing something, but every other building with extras you will need to place yourself .

And for the hardcore-sim-gamers we have:
4. empty

all the public buildings along with the households are gone. Only things left are the ports and the diving-spots because they are a pain in the ass to create.
The picture "Island essentials and empty" goes for the 3. and 4. flavour. Its just empty.

Note: I did not create that world! I just used the standard EA - Neighborhood and deleted the buildings.

Now have fun creating your own Isla Paradiso Community without having to delete all that stuff!

Note on the files: You can download each you like or all.


Install Instruction:

This is a neighborhood-save so you put the extracted file into your "saves" file. You don't need to install anything, just load your game and the neighborhood will appear in the main menu where you select your own saved neighborhoods.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to EA for that nice City and landscape.

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