Spa Day (GP) Waterfall override 1.2

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Uploaded 25th Aug 2015 at 2:39 AM · Updated 2nd May 2019 at 11:36 PM by 0-Positiv : Upload of updated packages.

Relocation Info:
first of all I would like to thank the Mod the Sims team for the good work on the mod release exam, you are doing a good job.
As anyone who has ever uploaded a mod to Mod the Sims knows, this is a very time-consuming process.
Since I want to use my limited time better, I decided to publish my mods in my own Blog .
Updates for the mods published via MTS will only be done via my Blog in the future.

There you can also find the Spa Day (GP) Waterfall override.

IMPORTANT: This mod puts in two variants advance the gameplay package "Spa Day", an installation without "Spa Day" can lead to the crash.

Update: 16.01.2018
this change only affects the non overwriting waterfall versions!
The Spa waterfalls with version 1.2 can be placed without cheat in fountain, pools and on the terrain.
the Spa waterfalls with version 1.2 are now also available as a bundle in a. package file and can be found in the 0-Positiv - Spa Waterfall - v1.2. zip.

update: 23.03.2017
The Accessibility waterfalls can now be installed without a cheat in the pool, they can now also be found in the construction menu at the pool objects.

update: 26.08.2015
as requested in the forum I have now uploaded the Accessibility waterfalls as separate objects, the default waterfalls from the Spa Day gameplay package will not be overwritten with the waterfall variants without "override".
Since I have the option of placing objects in the pool in TSR Workshop still unable to find the cheat bb.moveobjects is still needed.

Hi Guys,
Today I present my first mod, it is still not perfect, suggestions for improvement I suppose like.

Why did I write this mod?
I wanted to build a swimming pool with indoor and outdoor seating, a waterfall should serve as a passage.
For this purpose, I wanted to use one of the Spa waterfalls, unfortunately could not swim through the waterfall my Sim.

What makes the mod?
the Mod crosses a waterfall with a small water turtle ;-), more specifically, the waterfall gets the footprint of the turtle (1x Slot).
The mod is available separately for all three Spa waterfalls of the construction menu category "fountain", the original waterfalls are overwritten in all color variations.
I have not figured out how the restrictions for placing the waterfalls is canceled "only in Fountain", for this reason the Cheat is in version 1.0 bb.moveobjects needed.

Polygon Info:

Possible conflicts with other mods:

Conflicts with all modes override the following instances from Game Play Package 2 "Spa Day":

override Version

Additional Credits:
Tools used:
TSR Workshop

at this point I would like to thank plasticbox for tips and instructions.

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